How To Organize AGM

AGM is our combination of business meeting, yearly work planning session, and opportunity to meet others in our international team in person.

This document is a guide that assumes that the meeting will be held in person. If a situation occurs that prevents that, it is acceptable to execute it virtually, as was done in 2021 and 2022 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Expected participants:

Who Role
Project Leadership Committee (PLC) Should be physically present if possible, dialed-in if not. Several members must be present in person to run the event. Several members, regardless, needed to provide content for meeting.
Project Leader (PL) Should be physically present if possible, dialed-in if not. Regardless, needed to provide content for meeting.
Technology Steering Committee (TSC) Should be physically present if possible, dialed-in if not. Regardless, needed to provide content for meeting.
Members Should dial-in or participate in person if possible.

PLC members’ roles of responsibility for planning and execution:

Who Role
Logistics Coordinator (LC) Coordinates with meeting venue, restaurants, members, committees, vendors
Agenda Coordinator (AC) Coordinates agenda and content to be presented
Technology Coordinator (TC) Coordinates video conference audiovisual setup

:information_source: (A person may have more than one role but one person should not have all roles.)

Logistics Timeline

Past practice and future intent is for AGM to coincide with FOSDEM, which is held in Brussels, Belgium annually typically on the Saturday and Sunday of the fifth ISO-8601 week of the calendar year, calculable with:

ruby -rdate -e "s=ARGV[0].to_i;s.upto(s+4).map{|y|Date.commercial(y,5,6)}.each{|y|puts [y,y+1].join(' - ')}" 2024

AGM should be held on the Friday before or the Monday following FOSDEM.

:information_source: Regenerate the dates for the WHEN lines in the next several headers using this quick command:

ruby -rdate -e "YEAR=ARGV[0].to_i;puts ([[44,YEAR-1],[49,YEAR-1]]+(1.upto(4).map{|wk|[wk, YEAR]})).map{|wk,yr|Date.commercial(yr,wk).to_s}" 2024

Three months prior

When: Week 44 of YEAR-1 :date: 2023-10-30

Two months prior

When: Week 49 of YEAR-1 :date: 2023-12-04

Four weeks prior

When: Week 1 of YEAR :date: 2024-01-01

Three weeks prior

When: Week 2 of YEAR :date: 2024-01-08

Two weeks prior

When: Week 3 of YEAR :date: 2024-01-15

10 days prior

When: Week 4 of YEAR :date: 2024-01-22

One week prior

When: Week 4 of YEAR :date: 2024-01-22

Day before



Finding a meeting venue

In the past, PLC hosted the AGM at the THON Hotel Brussels City Centre and arranged for a room block checking in the day before FOSDEM and AGM weekend, generally on Friday, and checking out the day after, generally Tuesday when the AGM is Monday.

Who qualifies for AGM travel assistance

Travel assistance is available for AGM participants who are expected to attend the AGM in-person. Those who have employers able to cover all or a part of the costs of attending FOSDEM should exhaust that source of funding before seeking Homebrew funding.

PLC, TSC, PL and maintainers can expect to have all reasonable, in-policy expenses covered while members will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Read the Expense and Reimbursement policy document in Homebrew/homebrew-governance-private. It contains the process and details on what is covered. It is important that all attendees expecting reimbursement stay in-policy.

Ideas for future AGMs

Meeting enhancements

Day-of enhancements

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